Security is our priority

The Colibri security strategy is divided into three parts:

Data exchange

Safe data exchanges for more peace of mind

  • Colibri is secured with an HTTPS connection, thus protecting the interactions between your I.T. system and the platform, as well as user connections
  • Our HTTPS flow is encrypted and secured by a certificate delivered by GeoTrust Global


A secure application with ongoing enhancements


  • Annual approval of the application security level by an external PASSI qualified company (ex: penetration testing). Continuous enhancements of Colibri to always match the norms.
  • Secured authentification : OAuth 2.0 norm and possibility to get 2FA (2 factor authentification).
  • RGPD compliant.
  • Customers data isolation.
  • Possibility to get a step backward on the data within 30 days. 

Microsoft Azure

The cloud Microsoft Azure, a trusted international partner


  • Multiple certifications including ISO 27001 (international norm of reference for information technology management systems).
  • Intrusion and fraudulent behavior detection.
  • Data and backup encryption.
  • More details.

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