S&OP: putting an end to lone wanderers

Do you want to avoid your employees going it alone? By its very nature, S&OP is a collaborative process involving all the company functions concerned. Adopting this process and the right tools to implement it will enable you to create new synergies, improve communication and work together more serenely.


Inventory management: 5 golden rules for saving money on stocks

For any business, having the right stock, in the right quantities and at the right time, is the basis for “selling well,”… and controlling costs is one of the keys to profitability. This is a complex equation because it requires optimizing fixed costs (floor space, equipment, machinery), variable, and staff costs generated by stocks.
However, there are ways of…


Is your supply chain truly agile?

Ensure your company is ready to seize business opportunities and navigate potential risks with an agile supply chain. Discover how to assess the agility of your supply chain and gain expert advice on how to improve it. Don’t miss out on opportunities – make sure your supply chain is up to the challenge!


Supply chain planning: which communication rituals to adopt?

Improve collaboration across departments and streamline your supply chain with well-defined communication rituals. Discover how Colibri S&OP can play a key role in facilitating communication, especially with marketing and sales teams. Optimize your operations with these essential tools.

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