Sales & Supply Chain: how to rekindle the flame?

Between Supply Chain and Sales, it’s a bit of a love/hate relationship! Conflict seems to be an integral part of their relationship, right? Yet they both need each other to move forward. So, is a truce possible? How can they rekindle their flame? Well, a little therapy is necessary…


S&OP process: 7 good practices to adopt today

In a constantly changing market, establishing an S&OP process is becoming necessary for companies. All departments must work together to absorb variations and achieve the set targets. However, setting up an S&OP process is not self-evident. For it to be effective, certain good practices must be respected. Here are 7 of them that you can implement in your company today.


Colibri, scalable S&OP software for rapid deployment and ROI

COLIBRI is a complete tool dedicated to S&OP. It helps you manage Sales and Operations Planning, simulate, compare, and make decisions according to your objectives. In a few years, COLIBRI has become the leading S&OP solution for the SME sector. Simple and quick to implement, the solution can be deployed in just 3 months! This S&OP software enables you to carry out simulations in record time. This allows you to make the company’s best strategic and operational decisions. In short, with COLIBRI, you fully embrace the benefits of S&OP!

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