Improving cash flow: reducing inventories as another way to free up investment capacity

Maintaining sufficient cash flow is a significant challenge for companies. It ensures financial balance, optimises liquidity, prevents the risk of bankruptcy, and improves investment capacity. All these elements provide the smooth running of the company. One indicator should be monitored closely to improve cash flow: the working capital requirement (or WCR), of which stock is an essential element… Optimising your stock means freeing up cash. Let’s take a closer look at the different levers you can use!

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Supply chain consultancies: what criteria should you use to advise your clients to switch from Excel to Colibri?

As a supply chain consultancy, you help companies ensure sales, control stocks, and optimise their processes according to their level of maturity. You are a source of proposals, particularly about the digitalisation of the supply chain. This is a major strategic challenge for the companies you support.
Because there is no question of recommending a tool that would prove unsuitable or ineffective, discover why COLIBRI will make your clients forget Excel!

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What is the bullwhip effect, and how to avoid it?

Within the supply chain, the issue of demand variations is at the origin of the Bullwhip effect, a phenomenon theorised as early as 1961. This is because estimating stock is difficult when each link in the chain increases the gap between the forecast and reality. Let’s look at how this “whiplash” or rather series of jolts interferes with the stock and profitability and the ways to avoid it.

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