Demand Planner Shortage in North America: How Colibri S&OP Can Help

An essential aspect of many companies, auditing enables companies to adjust their strategy and make the best choices in both the short and long term. Audit firms can now offer faster analyses and new, high-value-added services by adopting a perfectly adapted software solution, such as Colibri S&OP.


Forecasting, procurement, production, sales: how to avoid a fight?

In a perfect world, each employee would have access to all the information they need and would be able to exchange ideas with other departments to make concerted decisions. All with a smile! But the reality is often very different… The working atmosphere between forecasters, suppliers, production, and sales teams is only sometimes ideal. What are the best ways of keeping things together and avoiding a fight? Here are a few tips to follow!


Help, my boss wants something other than S&OP software!

You’re convinced of the benefits of S&OP software, but your top management won’t go for it? You’re not alone! In many companies, management needs more visibility (or… foresight?) of the advantages offered by this type of solution. Our advice? Don’t give up! With the right approach, you’ll end up winning your case. And to help you in your quest, here are 5 commandments to convince your management to take the plunge finally!


Supply chain consulting firms: tools to boost performance

France is home to thousands of SMEs whose core business is manufacturing or procurement. These companies call on consulting firms specializing in industrial supply chain issues to structure their processes.

Their offer is wide-ranging, but it must respond to major challenges common to all SMEs: remaining competitive in a highly competitive environment, improving margins to…


S&OP: putting an end to lone wanderers

Do you want to avoid your employees going it alone? By its very nature, S&OP is a collaborative process involving all the company functions concerned. Adopting this process and the right tools to implement it will enable you to create new synergies, improve communication and work together more serenely.

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