Demand Planning Solution

Gain efficiency and reliability when managing your sales forecasts

Key functionalities

For more efficiency and a seamless user experience through all your demand planning process

Simulation and historical calculation

Different known and proven statistical models are available to calculate the best forecasts possible for you. A simulation screen lets you simulate your results before launching your definitive forecasts plan.


Include your collaborators in your sales forecasting process. Be alerted when a forecast has been updated, limit the user access only to the products and screens they work on.


Work at any level, unit, or timeframe. Each user can work at the granularity level he wants (all products, product family, sku…), in the unit and timeframe he prefers (quantities, euros, years, month…).

Data visualization

With the SMART DATA option go further with your reporting and analysis. Dashboards are connected to your database and allow a dynamic, interactive and in real time analysis.


With VISION you can expect real and tangibles gains

Reduce your stocks

Save time

Reduce your shortages

Structure and fludify your processes

A fast solution and controlled budget

Stop wasting time! Colibri has been designed to be configurable and usable in a few days.

Colibri is distributed in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode in the Cloud Microsoft Azure, no IT infrastructure, no hidden costs or annual licences fees.

A monthly fee without any surprises that includes :

  • All the future upgrades of the solution. No risk to have one day an out of date solution.
  • Hosting and regular back-ups. Come back in the future at any time and don’t ever lose your data.
  • Bug corrections. A maintenance tool is available and you are assured to get an answer within the day.


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