ATYSE simplifies and optimizes its forecasting process with Colibri

ATYSE (DIE MOBIVIA group) chose Colibri to make forecasts for tire sales all across Europe while implementing a high level of data and a large number of individuals.

Mathieu Montmessin, Partnership Director at ATYSE, explains the reason for choosing Colibri:

“Today, our forecasting process is managed, but pretty complicated as we deal with a high volume of Excel spreadsheets being exchanged between several users. We needed to evolve our process, but had very little means to invest in this subject. We found standardized solutions available on the market, but that were too complex and too expensive for us to implement with very little guaranteed results. The Colibri offer was very interesting for us seeing as how it gave us an alternative solution for our restricted needs: no installation costs and a reasonable monthly fee. What’s more, as soon as we saw the first screenshots, we were instantaneously convinced by this tool that seemed so easy to use.

Another fundamental point in our activity: we needed to implement a collaborative workflow as the key element to our sales forecasting process and this happened to be the main feature of Colibri.

Using Colibri gives us the hope of being able to considerably improve the accuracy of our sales forecasts, which will thus allow us to ameliorate our product availability while ameliorating our stock rotations.”

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