E-Colibri – Now available for students!

E-Colibri, the simple pre-packaged sales forecasting solution is now available for free for students.

E-Colibri, the simple pre-packaged SaaS solution that allows users to start using a sales forecasting tool in just a few clicks is now available for free for students.

Students will be able to import their data (if working on a thesis or doing an internship for a company) or have access to fake data provided by Colibri.

The idea behind this operation is to give students the opportunity to use a professional solution and better understand the sales forecasts process.

Colibri is already used by ESSCA students (located in France) during a business game about Supply Chain and sales forecasts.

Students really enjoy having a professional tool at their disposal and teachers believe that its is easier for them to understand the process and different algorithm with a simple and ergonomic tool. (Learn more)

Of course, E-Colibri remains available for company at a very affordable price.

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