ESSCA choses Colibri to conduct a Business Game on the Supply Chain

During the first semester of the 2017/2018 school year ESSCA School of Management, which counts today 8 campuses in France and abroad and is a member of the prestigious Conférence des Grande Ecoleschose Colibri as a learning center for its third-year students.

It is during a presentation of the tool in Nantes, France, that Chaaben Kouki, teacher at ESSCA, met Mehdi Kharab, Colibri expert product. From there the idea of building a business game around the solution to make students better understand the subtleties and variables of the supplier chain.

“Altogether it is more 500 students, french and internationals, who used Colibri during the entire first semester” specifies Chaaben Kouki, a professor in charge of the Management and Supply Chain at ESSCA.

Feedbacks were unanimous, he addsColibri manages to present the forecasts in a very visual way and it is very easy to understand how to use it: the students quickly assimilated the solution. It is a turnkey software that do not requires a long and heavy training”.

The business game was built around a luxury business (perfumes): students where able to look at the Supply Chain through two axes: qualitatively, thanks to the forecasting tool and quantitatively with the simulation.

“If I had to sum up Colibri in three words I would simply say: efficiency, speed of execution and ergonomy”, concludes Chaaben Kouki.

ESSCA, convinced by this first experience, decided to replicate the Business Game the next semester.