M.E.A.T & D.O.RI.A., the supplier that never runs out thanks to Colibri

M.E.A.T & D.O.RI.A. was established in 1945 in Torino, Italy. The company distributes automotive spare parts under 2 separate brands and distribution channels in Europe and beyond.

With a double-digit growth, M.E.A.T & D.O.RI.A. prides itself in having the items that their customers are looking for and to never run out. That’s quite a statement with a product range of close to 30 000 SKUs, including A, B and C items and a yearly addition of 4-5000 items.

When handling items that only sell 2-3 pieces per year together with products that have a daily rotation, planning can become quite a puzzle. However, M.E.A.T & D.O.RI.A. had no demand and planning software, only Excel files were used. The information was static, difficult to understand and analyze and had to be maintained by 4 different people.

To improve its service level, a demand planning solution like Colibri’s had become necessary.

Find out in this case study:

  • The decisive factors for choosing Colibri
  • The implementation process
  • The key insights from the M.E.A.T & D.O.RI.A. team