Supply chain consulting firms: which tools will save you time during your audit?

An essential aspect of many companies, auditing enables companies to adjust their strategy and make the best choices in both the short and long term. Audit firms can now offer faster analyses and new, high-value-added services by adopting a perfectly adapted software solution, such as Colibri S&OP.

The audit: a key but sometimes tricky stage…

The audit is essential, providing the company with a snapshot of its current situation. This highlights the processes that work and those that don’t and enables the company to adjust its global strategy accordingly.

As the starting point for all the consulting firm’s services, the audit could be compared to a visit to the doctor. From this appointment, “good care” and “good medication” prescriptions follow …

But while auditing is more than useful for companies, it can also be time-consuming to collect all the necessary data, understand the organization, and analyze processes and practices.

Customers expect firms to identify areas for improvement as quickly as possible so that they can implement corrective measures and benefit from a rapid ROI.

Even more so, auditing firms’ services are generally expensive for SMEs.

How to save time in your company audit?

Collecting company data is an audit’s most critical and time-consuming stage!

Several points complicate a firm’s task, for example, the fact that this data is distributed across a wide range of tools and services… and in various formats!

However, auditing firms can collect these elements more easily by opting for a dedicated tool. Ideally, this solution should be both specialized in supply chain and generalist. In this way, it can cover all supply chain processes and professions.

One example is Colibri S&OP. Specialized in Demand and Supply Planning, this Cloud-native software is the ideal solution for saving time in various processes and managing a multitude of data in a much simpler and more reliable way. It far surpasses cumbersome Excel spreadsheets with their high risk of error!

The good news is that Colibri S&OP has developed a dedicated version for supply chain consulting firms.

This tailor-made tool enables audit consultants to analyze data from their companies’ entire supply chain spectrum. They can easily scrutinize many sales forecasting, procurement, and inventory elements.

By equipping themselves with this version of the tool, consulting firms can save time and increase efficiency daily!

Supply chain consulting firms: a tool that strengthens your value proposition

Colibri’s S&OP solution for consulting firms is particularly well suited to their companies’ needs and budgetary constraints.

All essential supply chain functions are brought together in a single tool. This makes collecting and managing inventory management, transport, procurement, and sales forecasting data much more straightforward.

By choosing Colibri S&OP as an auditing tool, you can more easily and quickly identify your customers’ problems and needs. Then, with just a few clicks, he can recommend methods such as inventory classification or actions such as threshold management and propose a cost estimate.

Colibri S&OP allows consulting firms to strengthen their value proposition.

  • Saving time at every audit stage, Colibri S&OP is a turnkey tool that combines ease of use with processing efficiency.
  • Ergonomic and intuitive, it’s a tool that delivers rapid ROI.
  • Colibri S&OP is scalable and does not force total perimeter coverage. On the contrary, it adapts to the customer’s maturity. In this way, the consulting firm guarantees a steady increase in the customer’s performance over time and as part of a continuous improvement process.

Promoting high-value-added skills and services

Another crucial point for supply chain audit firms is that Colibri S&OP enables them to showcase their skills on high-value-added assignments.

The auditors now have the tools they need to complete their range of actions and propose new issues to address.

This comprehensive tool also encourages the sale of services based on the solution. So, for example, Colibri S&OP can be used to support change management or the drafting of new processes.

This highly visual solution is particularly effective for selling analysis and consulting services. Colibri S&OP makes it easy to produce demonstrations and feasibility studies. The result is greater clarity, easier persuasion of customers, and simpler familiarization with APS!

Colibri S&OP is a significant asset for supply chain consulting firms, enabling them to integrate customer data to provide a clear and meaningful overview of possible solutions after analysis.

Thanks to the software, service providers can offer this service within two days instead of the usual 10!

Another advantage of Colibri S&OP is that the tool quickly learns methodology and user-friendliness. This reduces the impact of staff turnover, which is very common in consulting firms. Colibri S&OP is thus a lever for scalability, giving consulting firms real peace of mind.

Well thought-out and comprehensive, Colibri S&OP is a particularly well-suited tool for operational Supply Chain issues. Therefore, The solution is an ideal ally for consulting firms aiming to help SMEs meet these challenges.

Add value to your services and save precious analysis time without putting your customers at risk. Would you like to gain peace of mind and offer new, high-value-added services? Discover the advantages of the Colibri S&OP solution for supply chain consulting firms. Contact us and request your demo today!

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