Help, my boss wants something other than S&OP software!

You’re convinced of the benefits of S&OP software, but your top management won’t go for it? You’re not alone! In many companies, management needs more visibility (or… foresight?) of the advantages offered by this type of solution. Our advice? Don’t give up! With the right approach, you’ll end up winning your case. And to help you in your quest, here are 5 commandments to convince your management to take the plunge finally!

Commandment 1: as a teacher, you will be

Contrary to popular belief, not all managers know what S&OP is or what it’s for. Far from it!

Before demonstrating the usefulness of a dedicated tool, start at the beginning … by explaining what S&OP is. It’s best to avoid getting bogged down in too many details and get straight to the point.

Introduce S&OP by simply showing that it’s a structured strategic process where all company functions are aligned, and decision-making is facilitated.

To ensure you’re listened to – and understood – highlight the key benefits, including better planning control, more efficient inventory management, and improved forecast reliability. All of which are sure to be of interest to your management.

Commandment 2: prepare your sales pitch

Prepare your arguments in advance to give yourself the best chance of convincing your boss to adopt an S&OP tool. Certain points make all the difference in the eyes of management.

For example, explain that S&OP software enables data to be centralized and reliable. All departments work from a single format, considerably reducing the risk of errors and wasted time!

Another advantage is that a good S&OP tool can significantly improve communication within the company. This is a powerful argument, given that poor communication is a source of numerous problems, ranging from misunderstandings and conflicts to potentially high staff turnover. A high-performance S&OP software package improves the working atmosphere and thus helps prevent the company’s talent from leaving for other climes!

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Commandment 3: anticipate fears

To convince your management to opt for S&OP software, it’s important to take a step back and understand their fears.

In particular, managers may be afraid that the new tool won’t be profitable, will disrupt processes, or won’t be useful. Prepare your counterarguments and responses to these concerns in advance.

Is adopting S&OP software expensive? Explain why it’s an investment that quickly pays for itself, with rapid productivity gains and significantly reduced wasted time. Positive consequences will be seen in all departments.

Is your boss worried the company will waste time installing and getting to grips with the software? Explain that some tools are rapid to set up and adopt. Such is the case with Colibri S&OP, a solution designed to be used and configured in just a few days…

Despite its cumbersome, unintuitive nature, it’s the ideal replacement for Excel, which is still widely (and overly) used in the corporate world.

Commandment 4: KING, you will speak

It’s important to be able to talk about the things that make people angry, such as ROI! It’s vital to reassure your management about the return on investment of S&OP software. Adopting new software costs the company money, so it’s only natural to assess the operation’s profitability before taking the plunge.

In the case of the Colibri S&OP solution, there’s no reason to be ashamed since the return on investment is very rapid.

Explain to your management, for example, that this tool enables the company to increase its sales by responding better to the market, if only by avoiding stock and supply shortages. Customers are more satisfied, loyal, and likely to tell their network. Good press means new opportunities!

In addition to the quantitative (and financial) advantages, you can highlight the qualitative benefits of such a solution:

  • An S&OP tool makes processes much simpler, smoother, and faster—no more cumbersome, time-consuming gas-factory processes.
  • Information is shared more easily between teams, leading to greater employee productivity. They spend less time on time-consuming, low-value tasks… and can devote themselves fully to more motivating, higher-value-added missions.

In addition, don’t hesitate to prove the effectiveness of S&OP software with examples: this will help your management to project itself. What’s more, many companies have already put their trust in Colibri and achieved highly satisfactory results:

  • Palais des Thés has improved its supply visibility;
  • Peugeot Saveurs has succeeded in structuring a heterogeneous demand;
  • Vitacuire has improved its sales forecasts by 20%…

Commandment 5: Surround yourself with partners

Good support makes all the difference. Internally and externally, different people can highlight the need for S&OP software and get the management team to take a closer look…

Support from specialists in the field can make all the difference and put things into context. For example, Colibri S&OP experts can configure a contextual prototype that considers your sector of activity, specific needs, procurement, or storage issues. This way, you can directly test a mini version of Colibri S&OP in a real-life use case specific to your company! Your management will then be able to project itself much more easily.

Colibri S&OP is an easy-to-use tool that delivers ROI in record time! The company benefits from qualitative and quantitative gains as soon as it’s installed.

With Colibri S&OP, processes become simpler, communication improves within and between departments, breakdown risks are significantly reduced, and employees are more productive. With Colibri S&OP, you can benefit from immediate results.

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