Discover a cloud Demand & Supply Planning tool through Rio Tinto testimonial.

Don't miss our webinar the 16th of May at 11am (Singapour time)

Webinar – the 16th of May at 11am (SGT time) – Free registration

Demand & Supply Planning is strategic for most companies. It allows better anticipation, a reduction in inventories and an increase in cash flows.

Praveen SRINIVASAN, Global Metal management customer service and logistics Pacific at Rio Tinto aluminium, will explain why Rio Tinto chose Colibri and the results that followed the implementation of a Demand planning tool within the organization

In this Webinar, Nicolas Nesme, Supply Chain Manager for VISEO APAC, will present you Colibri an innovative solution :

  • Fast to implement and easy to use.
  • With regular enhancements and Supply Chain best practices.
  • Follows Cloud security best practices with Microsoft Azure.

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Details :

  • Thursday the 16th
  • From 11am to 12am (SGT time) – 1pm-2pm (Sydney Melbourne time)
  • Online Webinar
  • Free registration

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