S&OP software: 10 arguments to convince your management to adopt a Sales and Operations Planning tool

Saving time, efficiency, productivity, reliability… thanks to S&OP software, all the company’s departments improve their performance. Discover our 10 key arguments to convince your management to adopt a digital Sales and Operations Planning solution finally.

Argument n°1: S&OP software to centralise and make data reliable

The information needed for forecasting is spread across different departments in the company. S&OP software helps to centralise data without the risk of error. Users work via a single reference format, which avoids wasting time checking data, formatting, etc. The result: productivity gains, minimisation of the risk of error, but also better reliability, particularly in terms of forecasts.

Thanks to a digital S&OP tool, the entire supply chain becomes more reliable. As for the data, it gains visibility. Digitalisation allows data to be shared with partners, particularly suppliers. This facilitates collaboration, improves decision-making and enables the company to increase its efficiency!  

Argument 2: S&OP software to improve communication

The S&OP process brings together all departments in a company, from sales to manufacturing to development. Using powerful S&OP software improves communication between departments. The tool facilitates employees’ work, creates a better working atmosphere, and improves synergies. This increases productivity and reduces turnover.

Argument n°3: S&OP software to save time

As a centralisation and collaboration tool, an S&OP solution such as Colibri helps reduce information’s inertia by avoiding time-consuming round trips from department to department. The result is faster and more accurate decision-making. Two key points give the company a competitive advantage and help make a difference.

Argument n°4: S&OP software for a 360° vision in real-time

When a company uses a single collaborative tool, all departments gain visibility. All employees benefit from a 360° view of the supply chain. Everyone can participate in the company’s global reflection and enrich it in real-time. All these points enhance the value of employees, increase the efficiency of processes tenfold and facilitate S&OP management.

Argument n°5: S&OP software to align the strategy and operational

The management of Supply Planning operations is based on the decisions taken by Strategic Planning, which depend on Demand Planning forecasts. All strategic and operational departments are, therefore, closely linked! A multi-module S&OP tool allows all departments to work in the same direction. Thanks to it, the strategic and the operational are aligned, which positively impacts the company’s productivity.

By opting for high-performance and innovative S&OP software such as Colibri, the teams benefit from a multi-module and collaborative tool. The information transmitted to the various departments is instantaneous and unified. Demand planning, supply planning and strategic planning communicate smoothly and in real-time.  These different departments are thus more aligned. Strategic and operational planning become more transparent and consistent!

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Argument no. 6: S&OP software for greater responsiveness

Flexible and responsive, S&OP software is far superior to Excel. In Excel tables, input errors are unfortunately frequent. In addition, it is challenging to add comments or alerts, which are essential when working in collaborative mode.

Much more responsive and intuitive, S&OP software facilitates collaboration between users, even if they belong to different teams. These gains in responsiveness help the company to better adapt to all types of events by limiting, for example, the impact of a possible stock-out situation.

Argument n°7: S&OP software to improve company performance

Thanks to S&OP software, all the company’s data can finally be used as it should be. This includes seasonality, customer codes and sales history. And having the ability to exploit this extensive data better means that the company can better understand its processes and improve its analyses. This can lead to considerable efficiency gains.

Argument n°8: S&OP software to free up investment capacity

The use of S&OP software such as Colibri helps to improve stock management. This frees up cash and, therefore, investment capacity.

The artificial intelligence of the Colibri solution will also make it possible to rationalise ranges and thus avoid situations of “SKU proliferation”. Expanding product ranges can lead to overproduction and overstocking, sometimes destroying products. Colibri helps to identify the lowest selling items and remove them from the sale or to plan an alternative to the discontinued items. The rationalisation of ranges is now within everyone’s reach!

Argument n°9: S&OP software for optimal ROI

Because it allows you to see positive results quickly, an S&OP solution enables you to achieve an optimal ROI. Gains can also be expected in ROV (or ‘return in value). A more relevant indicator measures the degree of importance a company perceives because of specific changes.

Argument n°10: S&OP software implemented quickly, without mobilising an entire team

One of the significant fears of companies is that they will spend too much time implementing new software. Therefore, they often prefer to stick with Excel. The counterargument to your management? A good tool such as Colibri is implemented quickly and does not create extra work for the teams, including the IT teams. Throughout the implementation of the S&OP tool, Colibri offers employees personalised support and adapts to the company’s specific needs, making it quick and easy to learn.

COLIBRI is a cloud-native Demand and Supply Planning software that has become the perfect tool for companies that want to improve their strategic and operational processes. They can finally leave Excel behind without spending too much time on the transition. Discover the innovative COLIBRI solution and its various S&OP, Demand Planning and Supply Planning modules!  Contact us now!

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