Why Colibri chose Cloud Microsoft Azure?

Since it’s conception Colibri has been developed to exploit the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud technology.

For Mehdi Kharab, Supply Chain Expert, who has been working at Colibri since the beginning, reckons that the cloud is the only possible future for IT solutions.

“Cloud solutions are more and more accepted within companies, four years ago, its was a new technology and companies were reluctant to buy cloud solutions. Concerns were mostly about data security, he explains. Along with this upcoming technology the former editors were still defending their “on-premise” strategy”.


Why change business model in an ecosystem that always worked like that before?

The principal idea behind Colibri is to disrupt. To change habits and embrace new technologies offered by the cloud.

Today the cloud is no longer such a disruption as most of the companies would now prefer a cloud solution.


What are the advantages of being a Cloud hosted solution?

For the Colibri team there are 6 main advantages to be a cloud solution.

Rapidity of action

Thanks to the Cloud it is possible to create personalized mock up and easily grant anyone access to its demo-environment.

The potential client can make a decision based not only on static screen-shots but on the complete use of the tool as well. Everyone saves valuable time!

Project are much shorter for SaaS solutions than for on-premise ones. Indeed, all the technical management tasks are deported to the cloud host. No need for a technical team, set up on computers, servers’ maintenance…

While you spend less time on the IT part you can focus on what’s really matter!

The cloud allows to connect to your application through a simple internet connection. Roll-out are easier as it only means creating new logins and using an internet connection on any device. Moreover, your application is always up to date as every user in the world receive the latest existing version of the tool.


Automatic scalability

With the cloud you only pay for what you need.

It is easy to adapt the power of your database in the cloud. If a company is going thought big activity changes, with the cloud they will have the possibility to adapt their database accordingly in a just few minutes. Something impossible with full in-premise solutions.


A solution always updated!

With on premise solution updates are not necessarily included in the license fee. Every time you want to upgrade to a latest version of your solution you will need to pay for a new project to get it.

With the SaaS business model, upgrades are free and regularly offered.


More budget friendly

The SaaS Economic model is completely different than previous on-premise solution. Because the server maintenance fee is supported by Microsoft and not the customer the subscription is usually cheaper. Moreover, because there are no technical requirements to implement a SaaS solution your IT team can focus on other priorities.



The cloud Microsoft Azure answer to strict security rules, it is the cloud with the most certifications. The cloud Microsoft azure has many certifications: internationals or local ones such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, G-Cloud…

“Microsoft leads the industry in establishing clear security and privacy requirements and then consistently meeting these requirements.”



Thanks to the cloud no more data loss!

The cloud allows to go back to a previous version of the base in just a few minutes. On Microsoft azure backups are automatics and allow a total flexibility for your data backups.